Style over Design

Style over Design

Source: Masseria Cimino

Seriously, Masseria Cimino is one of the most beautiful, rustic hotels in the world. It’s converted from an 18th century Italian farmhouse (right??).

Fireplaces in the bedroom are luxuriously romantic and cozy. And I can’t say enough about candlelight! Except that it’s a fire hazard.

The design above is more style than design, and that’s important to remember when you’re taking notes on what you’d like to do in your own space. A beautiful photograph isn’t necessarily livable.

What would I do instead? Use LED candles (the ones with the flickering bulb hidden by high walls of wax), preferably the ones with timers or remote controls. Trade them out for real ones when you take a picture to share with friends!

The fire in the fireplace can stay, although I wouldn’t argue with you if you installed a gas- or wood-burning stove!

Source: Masseria Cimino
Source: Masseria Cimino

I just love this bathroom! Usually, I prefer my sinks innie (undermount) rather than outie, but these are exceptions, and go with the farmhouse feel of the hotel. The whole design is rustic with enough elegance and high design to let you know that it’s a swanky kind of rustic!

However, when I’m not ogling the fixtures and wall treatment, I’m checking out those lemons on the counter, the candles in the shelves, the plants in almost complete shade, and the bottles on the floor.

How to make style into smart, beautiful design? Consider how a room and everything in it works, and how people use the room:

  • The lemons can stay for color and fragrance (there’s enough room on the counter for your toiletries), but collecting them in the container with the four votives would be better.
  • The candles could be traded out for safer and longer-lasting LED ones.
  • The plants need more sun, even if they were shade-loving; if you like greenery in a dark room, try using pressed flowers, dried branches, botanical illustrations, or switching out some bulbs for grow lights instead of starving your vegetal friends.
  • The empty bottles could be filled with bubble bath, replaced by bottles of wine, or removed altogether and the space used for storage.

What are your thoughts on style versus design?

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