Seek a Small Refuge

Seek a Small Refuge
Source: Alexander &CO
Source: Desire to Inspire, Architecture & Design: Alexander &CO

When you accept the space you have, the design process becomes easier because you’re working with instead of fighting against your strengths and resources.

Take this small patio, for example. There’s comfortable seating set up for conversation, a table for food and drinks, and a dwarf citrus tree for fruit and fragrant blossoms.

I imagine if you wanted to, you could trade out the low table for a portable fire pit, and I’m sure there’s room for an appropriately sized barbecue grill (perhaps at the edge of this terrace).

And the stroke of brilliance? The bonsai on the table! Bonsai plants are artistic, contemplative pieces designed to make you think about old, wizened trees on mountaintops. They’re a miniature reminder of a natural world at large and at a distance, the perfect contrast to an urban setting–exactly what this patio refuge creates.

Do you have a small outdoor space you’d like help turning into an oasis of calm and beauty? Contact me here.

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