Orienting West

Orienting West
Source: The Art of the Room, Photography: Nicolas Mathéus
Source: The Art of the Room, Design: Jacqueline Froissac, Photography: Nicolas Mathéus

The blending of East and West creates opportunities for beauty that could not have happened in isolation. The ways of designing and decorating space reflects philosophies and observations of how people of a culture use space.

Above, in Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé’s villa named Dar Es Saada (House of Happiness), I want you to stop staring at the ceiling (originally from a palace in Meknes) and cease imagining how glorious it would be to look at it while lying down, sipping sweet Moroccan mint tea in the afternoon.

Check out the furnishings, from French colonialist inspired furniture (not all cultural contact was without its problems, but we can still find beauty amid the politics) to the traditional side tables. Notice how the colors echo the landscape in Morocco as well its history, while providing comfort and coolness. The flung open doors accentuate the connection between the interior and exterior of the home.

The absence of a television set is refreshing, with the view of Jardin Marjorelle outside, represented in the photograph by brilliant sunlight, being what residents and guests enjoy.

Source: The Art of the Room
Source: The Art of the Room, Ralph Lauren, La Boheme Collection (2006)

This gorgeous design combines Eastern furnishings, such as the cocktail table and intricate rug, with Western seating, to create a luxurious living area full of elegant shapes, sensuous textures, and playful colors.

Adding the pillow under the table for that extra guest also pays homage to many Asian cultures that sit close to the ground. In a Western context, it implies that casual lounging is encouraged here.

Even better? The dinner settings on the table! Yes. Let’s not eat in the dining room, I prefer dining here.This space is stylish and relaxed. It’s an excellent example of haute bohemian design, which emphasizes a kick-off-your-shoes attitude paired with high-end furniture and art.

What cultures excite your imagination and passion for design? Consider combining them for something aesthetically startling!

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