Foyer Love

Foyer Love
Source: Michael Graydon
Source: Michael Graydon

A foyer is a transitional space that connects the inner world with the outer world–an extended threshold like the wardrobe in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

As such, it is a place where adding greenery in the form of potted plants, bouquets, dried floral arrangements, or branches reminds us that we are coming or going. The above image is a poignant example, providing both greenery for the styled foyer, as well as highlighting the middle ground that is an entryway.

Tables and often chests are convenient in foyers because they provide a spot for storing or setting things down that we may carry out or bring in with us in our everyday, briefly nomadic lives.

Source: The Design Files
Source: The Design Files, Styling: Glen Proebstel, Photography: Mark Townsend

Foyers needn’t be anything fancy or only found in big homes. They exist as a portable concept, and you can set one up simply with suitable seating and some coat hooks, a coat rack, and/or an umbrella stand. The idea is to create a place for waiting comfortably, or to catch your breath.

Source: Dustjacket, Architecture & Design: Colin Radcliffe, Photography: Michael Paul
Source: Dustjacket, Architecture & Design: Colin Radcliffe, Photography: Michael Paul

Mirrors are an important part of foyers that are sometimes overlooked or blocked by displays (of greenery, no less). A clear view of ourselves before leaving or entering a place allows us to prepare for the outside world or to be received as guests. The practicality of a mirror is disguised by its beauty as a decorative object, but don’t be fooled.

Do consider a lovely rug or easy-to-clean floor surfaces for your foyer. The entryway not only serves up a first impression (and promise) of your space, it’s also the in-between guardian between civilization and nature.

Would you like to create a stunning foyer? Contact me here.

Featured image source: Home Bunch, design: Su Casa Designs

4 thoughts on “Foyer Love”

  • As you know, “Nobody walks in LA,” so that means that I’ve entered my home through the front door and into the foyer less than a handful of times in the last dozen years. The other 99.9% was through the garage. Which makes me think that I should dress up the garage entry with the same care that I took with the one at the front door!

    • Ha! 🙂 Well, the foyer is also a waiting/receiving room, so it’s nice for your guests (I assume they come through the front door?), even if you don’t directly benefit from it as the homeowner.

      I think entering through the garage or backdoor is common for occupants (and close friends and family). These entries could be dressed up, but don’t make more work for yourself (like tons of decorative pillows on your bed that you have to clear off every night and put back on in the morning; that’s great for the guest bedroom, i.e., for looks/style but not everyday use)!

      • Well, our guests usually enter through the kitchen door in the back!

        I’ve actually been looking at entry/hall all-in-one units that have built-in storage and seating with hooks above. As it is, the kids just throw their shoes and other junk down in the little area at the garage entry so I wanted something (that’s pretty and) that will deter that! Basically, I want a simplified mudroom.

        • I was going to say, it sounds like you’re talking about a mudroom! I love those.

          I think an organizing unit will be very helpful in the garage. If that’s where the shoes are landing, that’s where the unit goes (I think that’s an old Taoist saying).

          The kitchen entry is wonderful and casual; it sounds like you don’t need a formal foyer at all, and that your entrances have everything you need to leave your home and receive guests.

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