Quickie: Clean Body, Peaceful Mind

Source: HGTV, Design: Gail Wainwright
Source: HGTV, Design: Gail Wainwright

In honor of May being “Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month,” I’m going to feature Asian-inspired design in the coming weeks.

The clean lines of the sink, with minimal decoration, is more reminiscent of Japanese design than Chinese, which tends towards the elaborate (rococo would be the word for it). The plants on the counters are delightful!

The view of the nautilus shell adds curvy interest to this scene, as well as suggesting eternity and the sea (two things you want while soaking).

The carved screens on either side of the tub’s entrance, also adding curvaceous flavor,  reminds me of work I’ve seen from South Asia, but usually in a dark wood or stain. The whiteness here adds to the sense of purity in the bathroom.

The pièce de résistance, of course, is the antique statue of the Buddha. The timeworn sculpture contrasts with modern smoothness, creating a balanced and dynamic space for rejuvenation and relaxation.

Perfect imperfection, just so.

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