Metal, Stone, and Fire: An Industrial Loft Kitchen

Source: David Engelhardt
Source: David Engelhardt

This image by talented photographer, David Engelhardt, is one of the most popular pins on Pinterest. It’s easy to see why.

The brickwork throughout this kitchen lends incredible color, texture, and solidity to the space (no big bad wolf is going to blow this baby down), as well as imparting a historical, almost nostalgic atmosphere.

Next, check out the metalwork of the DNA-like spiral staircase. The black goes strikingly well with the red bricks, and the rhythm of the vertical lines in the bannister is picked up again in the barrel back spindle chairs at the kitchen table.

Source: Modern 50
Source: Modern 50

A bit of design savvy and research revealed that these chairs may actually be versions of those created in the 1920’s from fireproof steel! Like the rough bricks contrasting with the kitchen’s stainless amenities, the beauty of the entire area is further reinforced by the ruggedness and durability in the furnishings.

The black-and-white photographs, as well as pops of color provided by the large painting over the window and items on shelves and the kitchen table, adds coziness to a room that would otherwise feel cavernous and too industrial to be domestic.

The kitchen’s layout is also perfect for socializing and cooking together. Notice the generous counter space, right next to the kitchen table. It was a good choice to have a round kitchen table amid all the angular architecture and design, and it does a good job of reflecting the curve of the window’s arc, twist of the stairs, and roundness of the chairs’ backs.

What a well composed kitchen!


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